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Winning Race Car Service

Let The Winning Collection maintain, prepare and store your vintage race car! Our rich road racing heritage means we can support your private effort with professional, experienced maintenance and preparation services.

Whether you’ve got an active auto-crosser, a limited-use showroom road racer or a classic race car that is taken out only a couple of times a year, we can make your experience easier and more fun on race day. We’ll do the wrench-turning before the race, allowing you to focus on driving. We can also store your car between races so your home garage doesn’t have to double as a race shop.

The Winning Collection Racing Services

Professional driver coaching available at most East Coast locations.
Please contact Tom Coleman for more information.

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Watkins Glen Lap

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Celebrating 26 YEARS in the industry!

The Winning Collection is always in search of qualified craftsmen. Fax your resume to 828-658-8656.